Meet Greg


A big thing to look for in your wedding team is if they’re easy to hang out with. Your photographer and I will be by your side most of the day. You want some easy going, fun people, and I think I fit that.

A little about myself, I’m pretty laid back. I love hiking, camping and hanging out deep in nature. I’m starting to get into overnight backpacking this year. It’s something new and exciting for me. I also rollerblade, which is what really got me into videography in the first place. I’ve been told by a few clients that they googled me and watched me skate. If I’m not doing any of that, I try to exercise by riding my bike.


I never really planned on doing weddings, I just liked filming things that looked cool. As I started to do more, I saw how many of those ‘cool’ shots I could take in a day, but more importantly, I was granted the opportunity to capture once in a lifetime moments. Now I focus solely on weddings year round and love it.

This is not a corporation. I am GPS. I will be the one shooting and editing your video. My process is pretty simple. I try not too interfere or be right in your face too much. Occasionally I’ll ask you to do something again, but I generally want to stay as candid as possible.

Although I live in Denver, I am willing to travel anywhere in the world. I’d love to get a cup of coffee or schedule a phone call to discuss your wedding and make something unique for you!