Lightbulbs: The Best Investment A Venue Can Make

No, I don’t mean buy a fancy chandelier. I mean throw out all of your yellow lightbulbs and replace them with daylight colored lights. Most venues use these lights. Partially because they're cheaper, partially because lightbulb names like 'cool white' are confusing.

*For much of this, you may need to refer to the charts at the bottom. For simplicity, I will say ‘yellow’ and ‘daylight'

Think of the ways people get to see your venue. 99% of the time it’s through photos, so you should want those photos to look as good as they possibly can. The easiest way to do that is to buy all daylight bulbs, 5500-6500k bulbs. In your bridal rooms, in your reception halls, everywhere. (I guess the bathrooms don’t matter).

Often you’ll see the photographer or videographer shut off the lights in the room we’re working in. This is not because we love natural light so much, but it’s because we hate mixed light. This is a worse problem for videographers because we can’t overpower the light by using a flash.


Here is an example of mixed light in a room. Both images are lit the same, and shows what we’re able to do in camera with mixed light (it’s minimal). The left side of her face is lit with yellow light while the right is lit by a window.

In the left image, the right side of her face is colored correctly, but the rest of her face looks awful. And in the right image, most of her face is colored correctly, but then you have this ugly blue light making her look like The Joker.

I don’t think I need to go into too much more detail. I think those photos speak for themselves. If you use daylight bulbs, she’ll look fine, but mixing daylight with yellow is a losing combination. The bottom chart shows that 5500-6500k mixes perfectly with outdoor light.

If you want your venue to get busy, you want award winning photography that will be seen by many. And to have great photography, you need better lights.... daylight colored lights.

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